The Lizard Reserve

The Lizard Reserve

The Lizard Reserve is located 3 km north of Eilat, on the eastern side of the Arava road (Route 90).

Dozens of dark grey-skinned lizards live in tunnels and venture out at sunrise seeking the sunrays. They return to their caves at sunset when their skin changes to a shade of orange.

The common Uromastyx is a lizard belonging to the agamid lizard family. They reach a length of approximately 75 cm and are considered the largest of the country’s reptiles.

It is possible to reach the Lizard Reserve on foot via Kibbutz Eilot. If you have visited here before, you will notice that the newly paved road has been diverted so as not to destroy the unique large lizard colony. Visitors will enjoy the amazing sight of a vast system of tunnels and lizards raising their heads toward the sun’s rays and absorbing its warmth.

Recently, KKL-JNF has paved a cycling trail that passes through the tunnels, which is a convenient route for cycling and walking for the whole family.

It is recommended you take an information leaflet about the lizards and start the excursion from the “Spice Way” Farm located near the Rabin border terminal where you may enjoy the smells and sights of the hundreds of different spices on the farm.

Address: Eilot junction
Accessibility: Accessible