Timna Singular

Timna Singular

A unique cycling path that combines technical cycling sections and is suitable for cyclists  aged 12 and over.

Ride out from the lake area towards “Solomon’s Pillars”. At the western end, connect to the Ram-El segment. After a kilometer and a half you connect back to the road and continue riding to “The Mushroom” junction, turn left and arrive at “The Mushroom” visitors’ center. Cycle to the highest point of the track for a spectacular view of the Timna Valley. Cycle on to view point of the new Timna mines and cycle back to the lake area.

The trail passes through the following sites

Solomon’s Pillars. Pillars formed from natural rock that are part of the cliff wall. Natural landscape forms created by the weather. The columns are named after King Solomon.

The Mushroom . A unique formation from red sandstone. The result of more rapid erosion of the lower part created a “mushroom” like rock. The site has a visitor center that presents and illustrates the story of the Egyptian village located at the foot of the site.

Timna Lake. An artificial lake designed to create a permanent water point for animals and a center for activities for vacationers. The water is not suitable for drinking or swimming.

Address: Timna Park
Length: 14.2 ק”מ

Trail Length               14.2 km

Difficulty: Medium, suitable for experienced riders only.

Start and end: Timna Park Lake