One Day  – Three Parks

One Day  – Three Parks

A visit to Timna Park, a tour of the Hai Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve and a stop at Yotvata Inn. A day trip by private vehicle, for the whole family and especially recommended for children.

The trip starts at the entrance to Timna Park, located west of the Arava road – Route 90 (an entrance fee is required).

Imagine a journey back in time, a fascinating tour that combines past and present. A tour that will take you to the places where ancient Egyptians dug and produced copper in the oldest mines in the world, amongst spectacular views of the vibrant coloured desert.

Recommended Route. Start the tour by viewing “The Mines of Time” exhibit, which illustrates the lifestyle of the copper miners and is a prelude to the trip in the park. Continue the tour and visit diverse natural sites that include “The Arches, “The Mushroom” and the impressive “Solomon’s Pillars”.

Take a break to eat a light meal at the King Solomon Khan Restaurant that is located on the banks of the Park’s artificial lake.

Exit Timna Park to the Arava Road and turn left to the west. Continue approximately 5 km and turn right to Hai Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve (entails an entrance fee ). Hai-Bar Yotvata is a unique reserve dedicated to breeding, nurturing and restoring the wildlife mentioned in the Bible that had previously disappeared from the region. On touring the open safari area, you can encounter the white ram, addax, onager , wild ass and flock of curious ostrich with their chicks. The tour is conducted in a variety of different languages with interesting explanations, via a disc that can be purchased on entering the reserve.

At the end of the visit, return to the Arava road and continue northward to the new Yotvata Park. An interactive recreation area offering four different themed areas, an open-air playground, desert world, renewable energy games with technological exhibits, a kibbutz and dairy complex with a simulated farm and entertaining games that include milking a purple cow, searching for dinosaur remains in a sandbox, moving butterfly wings by capturing the sun’s rays and a refreshing water fountain.

It is recommended to visit the “Off-Grid Village” at Kibbutz Ketura or Eco-Life in Lotan for those travelling north. Those who plan to return to Eilat are recommended to visit the “Spice Way” Farm near Rabin border terminal in Eilat.

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