The Israel Trail on the “Arava” Eilat Desert Trail

The Israel Trail on the “Arava” Eilat Desert Trail

Welcome to the Eilat Mountains Trail on the Red Sea. A unique desert hiking  trail that combines the vistas of Eilat, Arava, Timna and the Gulf of Eilat, along with desert flora and ancient and diverse culture. The six-day walking trip is divided into daily segments. At the end of each day you can stay in well-organized overnight camping sites or a variety of guest houses and lodgings  along the trail, with on the spot booking.

Walking in ancient desert landscapes allows us to connect to the wonders of nature. The views along the Eilat Desert Trail (EDT) tell us the story of the desert. Formation of the mountains and the diversity of colors in the rocks, the special survival abilities of plants and animals and the difficult living conditions man has experienced in the Eilat and Arava desert, throughout history.

It is easier, topographically wise, to walk along the Eilat Desert Trail from north to south. Taking into consideration that the beaches surrounding the Gulf of Eilat are perfect for rest and relaxation at end of the trip.


The desert trail is for experienced hikers. The walking is strenuous with distances covering approximately 20 kilometers per day. Water and food are not supplied. Water fountains are available at the starting points (except for in Be’er Malchan, Shechoret and Mount Yehoram camping parks). The recommended daily amount is 5 liters of water per person. It is important to ensure comfortable walking shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and walking sticks. The Israel Trail is marked in white, blue and  orange, to which additional trails connect depending on the routes chosen. The Israel Trail marking should be followed throughout the entire hike, except for the first half day of the trip that follows the “Israel Bicycles Trail”. If you are planning to stay in overnight camps, bringing a sleeping bag is recommended, a tent is not required.

The Arava tourism operators provide transport services from the camps and the kibbutz accommodation (for a fee), as well as food and water supplies in the overnight camps, and any other equipment needed.

Please review the following list of service providers:

Neot Semadar – we recommend spending the previous night at the guest rooms and stock up on food and water for Route 1 – from Neot Semadar to Shacharut

Nomadic Overnight Park – a well-organized park providing accommodation, meals, water and a tour guide. We recommend receiving info from the park staff for Route 2 – from Shacharut to Be’er Milchan

Elifaz Vacation and the Arava Experience – guest rooms in close proximity to the Israel Trail, road guiding services, transport and water supplies.  At the end of Route 3 – from Milchan to Timna Park you can stay at the camping site or in rooms at Timna Park or ask for Elifaz transport services and stay at a kibbutz.

Timna Park – one of the world’s most beautiful parks, with more than 25 hiking, driving and cycling trails. The overnight campsite is located on the banks of Nehushtan Lake and equipped with dedicated showers, toilets, lighting and electricity. There is a restaurant on site. Accommodation can be upgraded to Villa Camp – a four-bed accommodation, or you may choose to stay in on of the Park’s well-equipped rooms. Route 4 – from Nehushtan Lake to Shechoret, starts at dawn.

Eilot Accommodation – after finishing Route 6 – from Mount Yehoram to the Gulf of Eilat, we invite you to relax in the rural atmosphere of Kibbutz Eilot, a holiday resort located 3 km from Eilat. The kibbutz offers cozy and well-equipped rooms and you may also indulge in delicious meals served at the Capot Tmarim restaurant.