Shechoret Canyon and Amram Pillars

Shechoret Canyon and Amram Pillars

Shechoret Canyon and Amram Pillars

The route includes dirt road trips suitable for all types of vehicle combined with short walking trails suitable for families.

The trip commences approximately 20 kilometers north of Eilat, next to the sign

” Amram Pillars and Shechoret Canyon”.

Please note: For those coming from the north (Lotan, Ketura, Yotvata, Elifaz) turn right. From the south (Kibbutz Eilot or Eilat), drive to the Be’er Ora junction, take a U-turn and drive south to the sign.

At the sign, turn west (to the right). The trail is marked with blue marker stones. Travel along a dirt road until the road divides, and turn left to the southeast, to the road marked in green. On the way, keep your eyes open, you might be lucky to see deer grazing under the acacias.

The road ends at the opening of Shechoret Canyon, we will park the car, take adequate drinking water, walking shoes, a hat and a camera, and follow the circular route.

Walk to the gorge that winds between the ancient granite rocks and climb a number of rock steps. This section of the route is part of the “Israel Trail” and is accompanied by appropriate signs. Arrive at an area where the wadi expands and emerges from the dark foundation rocks, which gave the wadi its name.

An ascent to the right (north) following a red trail marking, on an ancient camel trail. In the first part, the road passes along a geological fault line. To the right there are dark foundation rocks, and to the left are light rocks that originate from ancient seabed sediments, with distorted layers, a testimony to the enormous forces that broke the earth’s crust.

Continue along the path to the right (east) and after the bend there will be a magnificent view of the Arava region and the Edom Mountains. The trail continues down and joins with the black marked path and continue to the right (south). Along the route, there are remnants of a trap for predators, probably tigers. A 5-minute walk will return to the starting point.

Return to the junction and turn left to the northeast, follow the blue sign, to the Amram Pillars site. To the right (from the north) is Mount Amram, which is built of foundation rock and on the left, layers of limestone followed by colored sandstones. The road ends in a small parking lot, a 10-minute walk following a black trail marking leads to the foot of the Amram Pillars. The columns appear to be carved out of the sandstone cliff, a natural sculpture formed by erosion. A great site to take some amazing photographs. Return to the parking lot and drive on the Arava road, south to the entrance to “Shechoret” industrial zone where there will be a U-turn and back north until reaching the sign indicating “Be’erot Sharsheret”. Travel about 1 km between date plantations and other plantations, until reaching the salt pools. These pools produce salt by evaporation. The pools attract many species of birds, the most prominent being the pink flamingo. Their colour is derived from eating Eilat Artemia, tiny marine crabs and monoclasts that produce a large amount of beta-carotene.

Continue northward and after about 2 km arrive at a cluster for Doum Palm trees, this is the northernmost point for this species in the world.

A great place to end your morning trip is the Hai Bar – Yotvata Reserve for a safari tour, visit Timna Park, enjoy a new light and sound display depicting the life of the miners, and end your day at the “Spice Way” farm where you can learn more about Eilat Artemia and purple Friedman fish.

Food stops on the way – King Solomon’s Khan at the lake area in Timna Park serves a variety of meals, sandwiches, soft and hot drinks and snacks.

Yotvata Inn – dairy or meat meals, snacks, drinks, homemade ice creams and the famous Yotvata milk drinks.

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