One Triangle, Four Countries

One Triangle, Four Countries

“Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel …” sounds like the beginning of a good joke!

A trip that combines an observation point where you are able to view four countries, the Red Canyon, King Solomon Mines and end the tour with delicious ice cream.

Excursions in the southern Arava region are suitable for the entire family and include short walks.

The trip starts with a drive from Eilat to the west. (Since the route is angular, it is possible to start the trip at any point in the “Triangle”).

Drive along the Ma’ale Eilat road – Route 12, until you reach the “Mount Yoash” sign. The road follows the ancient route of “Derech Hahogegim – Darab Al Haj”, where in ancient times, people trekked from Egypt to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Mount Yoash rises to a height of 734 m above sea level. From the summit, there is a spectacular view of four countries: Jordan, Egypt – Sinai, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Descending from the observation point, continue north until reaching the “Red Canyon” sign. Park your car and take a walk along this beautiful canyon. Walk along the green marked path through the wadi of Nahal Shani to the Red Canyon, which is 150 meters long and no more than 3 meters wide. Descent is via ladders and pegs that are fixed in the rock. At the end of the canyon, the riverbed widens, turn right on the marked path to the observation point. After you have taken in the magnificent views, you can make your way back to the parking lot.

From this point, continue to the next observation point at Mount Hezkiah, 832 meters above sea level. View the Edom Mountains in the east and the Sinai Mountains in the west. A border stone numbered 82 is located at the site, which is a reminder of the many discussions with the Egyptians in determining the border after Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai following the peace agreement with Egypt.

Continue driving north to the Shizafon junction and turn right to Route 40. We recommend visiting Kibbutz Karkur and the House of Arts at Kibbutz Neot Smadar, on the way. Continue to the Ketura intersection, turn right on the Arava road (Route 90) where you may enjoy a variety of recreational activities. An Eco tour at Kibbutz Lotan, sampling 40 different flavours of ice cream at the Yotvata Inn, a guided tour at the Hai Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve, “Canyon of Faces” in Tinma Park and a variety of additional activities.

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