The Family Unit:

The double rooms at Elifaz tourism provide luxurious comfort in a rustic atmosphere.. We made sure to keep calm and calm, so that you can really lower the gear and enjoy the desert quiet …
In the unit: a living room with 2 sofas that open to 3 beds, a shower, a dining table and a kitchen (large refrigerator, electric kettle, coffee kit, plates, cutlery, cups and electric plates. Yes Cable Company From the living room is a door that opens to a master bedroom.
Breakfast is served to the  room in abaskets: vegetable salad, omelette or hard boiled egg, cobalt with a selection of cheeses and olives, tuna, yogurt, butter, jam, a jar of drinks and bred rolls. For children: Cornellakes, chocolate milk bag and milk delicacy.
You can order vegan breakfast.

We will be happy  if you  let us know in advance whether there is sensitivity to food allergies or special requests.