Elifaz Desert Hospitality – for groups

Group hosting

Between mountains and rocks, in the heart of the magnificent desert, we are here for you …
Here are a variety of activities and events and experiences for different groups:
Pensioners: Arava Campus – 3 days Half board includes tours and tours on the way and in the area. Starry night or knew Elipaz.
Families: Weekend full of activities for the whole family, summer barbecue in the pool, kite flying, sunset prevention, flamenco birds and more. 3 days of joy and happiness.
Groups / Organizations: The South in its glory, Lotan and Ketura Road, meals in the field or in the dining room, on the eve of consolidation and more.
Groups – small and large: groups that sleep here or groups on the way to Eilat.
I would be happy to give you ideas and build together holidays of experience and hospitality
For further details, please call us. 08-6356230