Sleeping Outdoors – for Families

Sleeping Outdoors – for Families

In our technological era, we realized that with the great desire to glorify, the families were looking for a return to nature.
The Elifaz area lodging will give you the ideal answer.

A large tent is adjacent to the village lodging, for up to 200 people. And the possibility of private tents on the lawn.
We have available: mattresses, shower and toilet, dishwashing stand, refrigerator, tables and half-barrels.
Breakfast is available until the tent opening, by appointment.
We will be happy to host you during the cooler periods of September-April.
We will be happy to assist you in our information center, with the best guides in the area, to advise you on the hiking trails in our area.

A variety of routes in our area

The following are some examples of trips in the area at various levels of difficulty and interest.

Proper planning and equipment prevent disasters and unpleasantness. The trip was adapted to the participants’ abilities and seasons.
In April – September it is recommended to travel in the early morning or late evening only. During these months we planned to spend time in the pool, the sea or in the air-conditioned place between 10:00 and 16:00.

Family tracks:
All the places can be reached by means of an average family car, the road is marked by marking trails and they are open to the public free of charge All the sites are a few minutes from Route 90 and you can combine some of them into a full day trip or for short trips on the way to Eilat.
* Shchoret Canyon – a tour route between breathtaking views of a black foundation rock
* The palm trees – the most northern concentration in the world of the magnificent palm tree
* The salt and flamingo pools – a flock of exotic birds that landed in the Arava for rest, fell in love and decided to stay in the Red Canyon – one of the most familiar hiking trails – who does not remember the annual trip to Eilat
* Pillars of Amram – God as the greatest craftsman and sculptor. A spectacular art of desert nature
* The Sassagon Valley – just behind Kibbutz Elifaz – a spectacular view of the only two sandstone hills in Israel and a huge dune to roll with the children, 10 minutes drive from Elifaz.
* The Vanishing Lake – a large and surprising water park in the heart of the desert, hidden in an open mine that was flooded by water – 10 minutes drive from Elipaz
* Samar Farm – the largest dune in the Arava, among the date groves – the last dunes in the Arava, the landscape of the beginning, a spectacular view of the Edom Mountains, just hundreds of meters from the border with neighboring Jordan –
Paths for those who are successful:
For my followers and lovers of the law, the area is a paradise of the most challenging hiking trails in the country.
Walk in marked tracks only and have an updated trail map.
* Rotate Timna – Ma’aleh Milhan in the north of Timna, along the cliffs of the Jordan Valley and descend up the knee towards the center of the valley – two days walking at a high difficulty
* Nahal Alexon – “The Geological Track” – along the Alexon River crossing the Timna Mountain, a spectacular 360 degree view from Timna Park at the top of Timna Mountain, completing the route in Solomon’s Columns or in the lake – 4-5 hours walking with moderate difficulty
From Elifaz to the Israel National Trail – from Ma’aleh Milhan, through Be’er Milchan and the amazing landscapes of Ovda to Shahrot. You can continue down Shacharot and get back to Route 90, near Kibbutz Yotvata – about two days walking.
For further details, please call us. 08-6356230