The 5 Sensses Greenhouse

In the heart of the palm trees and pomelos

Elifaz Tourism – Southern Arava – A new and exclusive attraction just 20 minutes from Eilat

Discover the wonders of solar energy in the 5 senses greenhouse and sample culinary creations from the “Sunshine Chef”…from greenhouse to plate…Definitely a must-see attraction!

Tour highlights include:

You will be welcomed to the indoor complex, featuring comfortable seating areas, with a cup of herbal tea and breathtaking views. Next, we will explore cooking with solar energy. We will pick fresh produce from the greenhouse, place what we have harvested on special trays, then slice the vegetables, season them with herbs and place them in our unique Sun Chef vacuum tube system… here is where the magic happens!

Meanwhile, we will take a guided tour of the greenhouse and activate all our senses!

During our tour, we’ll sample fresh vegetables, explore the desert fields, and learn about the wonders and challenges of desert agriculture. Our visit will include a pleasant walk among the blooming shrubs and flowers, fascinating explanations about renewable energy and desert agriculture in extreme environments and a chance to enjoy the dramatic desert landscapes that surround the area. After the tour, we will return to enjoy delicious treats…we guarantee that you will enjoy the taste sensations! The tour also includes a demonstration of the distillation process at our new essential oil distillery.

Last but not least – picking spices.

Our guide will take you on a tour of the beds to pick spices (parsley, spinach, oregano, dill and more) so that you can also enjoy cooking with fresh produce at home.

Local Store:

Here you can purchase a variety of dry spices, dates, coffee, herbs and enjoy traditional desert freshly cooked pita bread.

Combine your visit to the greenhouse with additional tours.

A trip to the sand dunes, renewable energy, explore the kibbutz



Guided tour, Sun Chef, spice picking & herbal tea                             38 NIS per person

The duration of this activity is approximately an hour and a half

Rustic afternoon lunch at Elifaz country restaurant                 from 65 NIS per person

The greenhouse is open until 31.05.23 and then from 1.10.23

Visit our website to view many photos, as well as programs such as organized trips, camping, meals, etc. We will be happy to be at your disposal, for more information and reservations 08-6356230, 052-3688384 

Elifaz- Arava Vacation and Activity Reservations Team

Footage Credits: Dr. Yoav Palma